Saturday, February 14, 2009

Undercover Mouse Wand Replacements

Our cats love the Undercover Mouse so much that they have destroyed the two wands that come with the toy. The company that makes Undercover Mouse, PanicMouse, does make replacement wands. We were hoping PetSmart carried the replacements, but they don't, so we had to order them directly from PanicMouse. They're $4.95 each. We ordered two of each - the feather and the rat tail.

Also, we must mention that we decided to test the Catnip Theory on Ivan and Boo. The Catnip Theory holds that one should give cats catnip before trying to perform on them any operation or process that they do not like, for example, claw clipping. We gave Ivan and Boo a hefty pinch of catnip one evening. They snorted it and licked it. A few moments later, they were both rather playfully aggressive. So much for sedating them with catnip for a claw-clipping session! We may try a lower dose of the catnip next time. If that doesn't work, we may try valerian, as that did seem to calm them a bit.

Finally, Belle and Dev are visiting Ivan and Boo at the moment. Belle has really taken to the pink Hepper Pod Bed.

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