Saturday, December 13, 2008

We've Got Some Products to Review

We have quite a few things to review:  we are switching to a corn based cat litter and will tell you about that.  We have several new toys to talk about, and one on the way (the "Fling-ama-String").  We've decided on a food regimen that we'll tell you about, as well.

We'll be back in the next day or so with our reviews.

Meantime, Ivan and Boo are well.  Boo is overweight and we're sure the vet will get onto us for this at his semi-annual appointment on December 19th.  Hopefully she'll have some tips for getting his weight down. He's not huge - he could probably stand to lose a pound or two.

Belle is getting spayed on December 16th.  She was scheduled for this surgery to occur in January 2009, but she has gone into heat for the first
 time and so we decided to push up the surgery.  Dev is very interested in her now, so we have separated them until after the surgery. He'll be neutered in January.